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Hamburg, 16 June 2016

maxingvest reports revenue growth


Consolidated revenues for the 2015 financial year came to € 10,050 million (previous year: € 9,663 million), nominally 4% and organically nearly 2% above the previous year’s figures.


Tchibo’s revenue contribution was 33%, and Beiersdorf’s 67% accordingly. The maxingvest Group’s operating result (EBIT) for the reporting period was € 964m (previous year: € 992 million). The Group achieved an EBIT margin of 9.6% (previous year: 10.3%).


Tchibo reports good performance in the Online and Coffee business
During the reporting period, Tchibo generated revenues of € 3,362 million, on par with the previous year (€ 3,377 million). This was due to a weaker FMCG business and traffic and revenue declines in the stationary sales channels. The Online and Coffee business had a positive revenue impact. The website is one of Germany’s most heavily trafficked online shops. With revenue growth in the double-digit percentage range, the online business gained importance and exceeded expectations.

During the reporting period, EBIT at Tchibo was € 34 million, down from the previous year's figure of € 191 million. This decrease is mainly due to investment in innovation, and to non-recurring expenses in connection with the ‘Fit for Growth’ restructuring project.


Beiersdorf continues on growth track
Beiersdorf improved its revenues from € 6,285 million to € 6,686 million. Organically, the company grew its revenues by 3%, while the nominal year-on-year increase in consolidated revenues was around 6%. Both divisions contributed to the higher revenues: The Consumer business segment generated revenues of € 5,546 million (previous year: € 5,209 million), a 6% nominal and 3% organic increase over the previous year’s level. The tesa business segment improved its sales by nearly 6% nominally, from € 1,076 million to € 1,140 million. Organic growth at tesa was 0.4%.
EBIT excluding special factors rose at Beiersdorf to € 962 million (previous year: € 861 million), the EBIT margin was 14.4% (previous year: 13.7%). The Consumer business segment achieved an EBIT excluding special items of € 771 million (previous year: € 678 million), the EBIT margin reached 13.9% (previous year: 13.0%). tesa achieved an increase in EBIT from € 183 million the previous year to € 191 million in the financial year under review, and an EBIT margin of 16.8% (previous year: 17.0%).



Tchibo is satisfied with its business performance during the first months of the current year. For the full year 2016, Tchibo expects stable revenues overall and a significant improvement in EBIT, driven especially by higher revenues in the growth areas of Online and Single-Serving Systems.


Beiersdorf publishes its own guidance regarding growth and results (see

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About maxingvest:
maxingvest consists of the maxingvest ag holding company and the two operating companies Tchibo and Beiersdorf. The holding company is family owned and, as a management holding, focuses on the strategic manage-ment of the group. maxingvest ag owns 100 percent of Tchibo GmbH and controls more than 50 percent of the voting rights in Beiersdorf AG

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